sERVICE PROJECT TO Support Music Therapy at UCSF benioff Children's Hospital

Catherine Flaherty

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About Music Heals me


     Hello!  My name is Catherine Flaherty, and I am a freshman in high school. I am continuing a service project from my previous middle school. I am very passionate about music, and I know first-hand how it can be a powerful healing force to elevate emotions and fill one's mind and soul with happiness. 

     I want to bring this power to children and teens who are battling cancer.  Many of my family members have been affected by cancer.  And, ever since I was little, I have felt a connection to music. If I am ever going through a hard time, or a happy one, music can lift my spirits. I want to give that present to patients fighting cancer at UCSF. I want them to know, through music, that things can, and will, get better. 

     I would like to purchase 25 iPod touches, $5000 worth of iTunes gift cards, and 40 headsets using your donations. The iPod touches would be loaned to patients going through treatment, and given to those who can’t afford or don’t have their own. The iTunes gift cards will be given to the patients so that they would be able to download any song of their choosing. And finally, the headsets would be over-the-ear for sanitary reasons and for listening to their music!  

     I hope you can all help me.  This is not an official charitable organization. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and please know that every cent is going towards the patients.