If you would like to donate directly to the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, that would be awesome! If you do, you can get a tax deduction.  

Just follow this link and please note the following:

-Check the 'Other' box, and write in 'Child Life Services, Music Therapy'

-You will get an email receipt for tax deduction after donating.

You can also mail in checks (OR USED IPODS) and write 'Child Life Services, Music Therapy' in the memo box.

Mail to:

Child Life Department
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
505 Parnassus Ave., M181, Box 0210
San Francisco, CA 94143


You will receive a letter for the tax deduction.


If you want to mail physical donations, you can use the same address above, and they will mail you a receipt for your tax deduction.

Target: This is also really easy.  Just click the amount above and order it at www.target.com and have it delivered via email.  Just make sure you enter the email of the Music Therapy Director: 


Unused gift cards: Just fill in the contact formand enter the code from the card.  Oliver can redeem it online!

How to Donate:

iTunes: Did you know you can send gifts to people right from your own iTunes account?  Just go to the iTunes store and click "Send iTunes Gifts". 

Enter the email address of the Music Therapy Director, Oliver Jacobson MT-BC, NMT: 


iTunes. We will use iTunes gift cards to build a huge playlist of songs for the kids to use in the hospital.  We'll also be able to add music to the iPods for kids that get to take them home and keep them! They will also be used to give music to kids that already have iPods.

Headphones. The headphones for kids need to be easy-to-clean for sanitary purposes. I also thought it would be fun to have a mix of boy and girl themes too. Also, these have sound level limiting cords to protect kid's hearing, which is really important.

How to Donate:

How to Donate:

iPod Touch.  The iPod touch, 5th generation allows music and games which helps the kids pass the time a lot easier. The 32G has the right amount of memory, too. They are easy to clean and store as well.

Amazon: This is super easy too!  We created an Amazon Wish List here. so people can order them and have them shipped directly to us. We'll then deliver them to UCSF.

Donation Tallies

10 out of 40 Headsets


8 out of 20 iPods


$310 out of $5,000 for iTunes gift cards

$15          $25          $50          $100


Rock stars!

Thank you so much to the following people for your generous donations!!

Tracy W. - $25

Will G. - $25

Wyatt L. - $15

Lorna S. - $25

Sean F. -  $15

Sean F. - 1 Headset

Natalie D. - 1 Headset

Mary M. - $25

Vanessa R. - 1 iPod

Megan J. - $15

Nancy W.F. - 1 Headset

Anders H. - 2 Headsets

Joel K. - $20

Lauren F. - $35

Anita O.F. - $25

Todd G. - 1 Headset

Anonymous - 4 iPods

Joan and Rich L. - 3 Headsets

Sydene K. - 1 iPod

Fred K. - 1 iPod

Bryan F. - $30

Tracy W. - 1 Headset

Christina O.F. - $30

Tom F. - $25

Kirsten F. - 1 iPod

These are the items that were requested by the Music Therapist at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. These items will be shared with children going through treatment, but also given to them so they can enjoy the music at home.

Please keep in mind this is not an official charitable organization.  I am just a student that wants to help children fighting cancer.  There are no tax deductions for any of this, and I will be purchasing and delivering the gifts myself.  I will update the website as we progress, so please come back frequently to my blog for more information.


Be sure to EMAIL me or fill out the CONTACT FORM and let me know if you sent a gift and the amount so I can put you on the donation list!  Thank you! :)

Amazon: This is super easy.  We created an Amazon Wish List here. So, people can order them and have them shipped directly to us. We'll then deliver them to UCSF.

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